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IPD Physician : Dr Hamed Sattari

IPD Manager : akbar mah

IPD Expert : Elaheh Bargazi

International & Public Relation Manager : Maryam Alsadat Ghasemzadeh

IT Manager : Shahrad Namiranian

Contact with a IPD expert :

cell phone : +98-9356552234

Whats App : +98-9122030161

Land line : +98-21-22009071

Email for Patients : iranmehr_Hospital@yahoo.com

International Patient Department (IPD) : 

Medical tourism is one of the most important and most common subsets of health tourism. In which a medical tourist enters the country to treat a variety of diseases with the aim of treating them in the best way through surgery or other items . 

the Presence of specialist physicians, experienced nurses, advanced technology and up-to-date equipment, various and specialized hospitals and dedicated for each disease, infertility treatment, various surgeries including cosmetic and plastic surgeries and obese surgery in order to be slim, which is especially commen in neighboring countries.less castly medical services for foreign nationals than their own country are among the reasons that make Iran one of the hubs of health tourism in the region.


IPD services:

International Patients Department of Iranmehr Hospital focusing on two objectives:

1- Facilitating the patient's arrival

2- Providing high quality services

It is ready to provide health services to international patients 24 hours a day.


continuous presence in English and Arabic languages in the hospital and his accompaniment with the international patient from the moment of arrival in the country to the discharging of the hospital and the  process are considered to facilitate and accelerate the provision of services to international patients.


The IPD expert is responsible for all necessary coordination from patient admission to discharging. Measures such as creating a residential space based on the patient's culture, providing an international food menu approved by the Ministry of Guidance, intersecting coordination, as well as assisting in translation and communication of  international patients with medical and nursing staff during in-bed.

The presence of a welcoming nurse in the hospital lobby and the presence of the national flag of the patient's country, taking into account the patient's guidance and taking initial measures in facilitating the  inpication process and providing the necessary information to the patient about hospital services and facilities and directing and introducing the international patient to the place of bed is one of the most important measures that have been taken.

In order to reduce the accommodation and travel concerns of patients and their companions, cooperation with facilitation companies, various hotels in different degrees, of formalities, booking travel lines, extending visas and enjoying  tourist tours inside Tehran, necessary measures have been taken.

In order to protect the patients' rights, all papers, hospital forms and even bills along with Medical Report and post-discharged training form are translated into both English and Arabic languages and provided to them inorder to eassure the safety of international patients to continue treatment. Be in another country or another center.



Visiting the IPD physician in the first hour of the hospitalization and presenting the patient's report to the treating physician, taking the initial instructions and daily visits to him and the treating physician are among the measures taken in the axis of international patients' trust in IRANMEHR HOSPITAL.



The Tariff Of Some Of The Commonest Surgeries In Iranmehr Hospital

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The Tariff Of Some Of The Commonest Surgeries In Iranmehr Hospital

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