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Iranmehr Hospital

Reliable and well-known medical center in the country

With more than 40 years of experience in serving the community in all fields of diagnosis and treatment


Iranmehr Hospital is a specialized and sub-specialized hospital that was established in 1975 to provide medical services and advanced care based on adherence to human dignity. The presence of prominent professors, experienced physicians and committed personnel has made this center one of the best private hospitals in Iran, in the minds and hearts of patients. The location of this hospital in Tehran is on the east side of Shariati St., Gholhak intersection. This hospital is privately run. From the beginning of its establishment, along with scientific and technical developments in various fields of medicine, the level of providing services to patients in this center has been continuously improved. Doctors, nursing staff and hospital management make every effort to provide patients with the highest international standards of medical care while maintaining their dignity and respect.



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