Wards and Services

Wards and Services


Iranmehr Hospital has 3 special ICU wards, including General ICU, Medical ICU, and Open Heart ICU, which is engaged in providing services to critically ill patients in full capacity and in special conditions, including patients after major surgeries. , Open heart surgeries, neurosurgery, random patients, patients with respiratory problems and patients with severe internal and internal neurological problems such as strokes. All these wards are equipped with the most advanced and modern facilities and equipment. It is ready to accept and provide special services to critically ill patients. The experienced and caring staff of these wards regularly provide the necessary in-service training regarding the latest methods of caring for critically ill patients, and for each bed, a nurse is considered according to the patient's condition, an anesthesiologist 24 hours a day. Wards have an active presence.


Iranmehr Hospital has a CCU ward with 12 active beds, which is located on the first floor. This department is designed based on the latest standards of physical structure, equipment and is ready to provide special services to heart patients with acute conditions.
The salient points of this department are the presence of a specialist doctor 24 hours a day and having advanced equipment and efficient and experienced manpower. This department is ready to provide services to patients with heart problems, blood pressure, ischemic heart attacks and acute heart attacks.

surgery room

Iranmehr Hospital has operating rooms consisting of 6 general operating rooms and 2 open heart surgery rooms equipped with the most advanced equipment of the day, which as a sub-specialized department of all specialized surgeries including general surgery, orthopedics, urology, neurology and Spine, ENT surgery, gynecology, reconstructive, cosmetic, kidney, chest, laparoscopic, cosmetic and specialized pediatric surgeries are performed daily by experienced, skilled and experienced surgeons in this department.


The emergency department of Iranmehr Hospital has 11 active beds and a room equipped with CPR, isolation room and triage space. Specialized and sub-specialized courses are possible at any time. What distinguishes this part of the hospital from the other center is the presence of an outpatient operating room that is fully equipped. In addition, with the activation of imaging units such as MRI, CT scan and sonography at all hours of the day and night, all diagnostic and therapeutic steps are performed in this center.



Iranmehr Hospital has 12 inpatient wards, including surgical, internal medicine, pediatrics and obstetrics wards, which have luxurious, normal, double and triple rooms with amenities such as furniture, refrigerator, TV, telephone, tea maker, etc. . is .
One of the characteristics of inpatient wards is the presence of experienced specialists, specialized and caring staff, a suitable and calm physical space for educational facilities for patients.
The appointment is free at certain hours and is available to the patient for a fee.

Angiography department

In this section, all diagnostic and therapeutic interventional services such as vascular angiography (cardiac, cerebral, specialized) and angioplasty for emergency treatment of acute myocardial infarction are performed at all hours of the day and night using the most advanced and modern angiography device and global equipment. . Also, all diagnostic and interventional therapeutic measures of arteries, except for the previous cases, such as interventional therapies for brain abnormalities, topical chemotherapy, etc., are performed using unique techniques and relevant specialists.
One of the salient features of this ward is its calm and low-stress environment, while the post-angiography care ward with 8 active beds is located next to it, which uses modern and appropriate equipment as well as experienced and experienced personnel to provide post-angiography care. They do from patients.

Hemodialysis department

This ward in Iranmehr Hospital, despite modern and new devices and the presence of experienced and experienced staff, provides services to clients. This ward has 4 units for patients, each unit is equipped with an advanced dialysis machine and ancillary facilities that operate in two shifts.

endoscopy department

In this department, all endoscopic operations of the gastrointestinal tract, including gastroscopy, colonoscopy, diagnosis and treatment such as treatment of gastrointestinal bleeding and biopsies, as well as implantation of gastric gastrointestinal tract through non-surgical endoscopy are performed by specialists. Has an active presence in the unit along with a gastroenterologist.

Medical Imaging department

The imaging department of Iranmehr Hospital, in spite of the best and most advanced imaging equipment, is at the service of doctors and clients for accurate diagnosis of diseases. This center provides comprehensive and accurate services around the clock, all imaging services such as radiology, MRI, CT scan, sonography and mammography in different types and always tries to provide accurate results to improve the satisfaction of clients.
This center performs all diagnostic and imaging protocols in full. In addition, many therapeutic intervention protocols such as sampling and drainage of fluid from body cavities under the guidance of ultrasound and CT scan are performed by capable and experienced specialists in this center.


The MRI device used in the imaging unit of Iranmehr Hospital is of GE and 1.5 Tesla type with the ability to perform all MRI services such as MRA, MRS, MRCP, MRV and reconstructed and three-dimensional images.

CT Scan
The existing CT scan machine is of multi-slice type and 16 retractors that have the ability to create high quality images and to perform all CT scan services such as spiral CT, CT angiography, CT myelography, CT cytography, CT angiography It has 3D, HRCT, etc. at all hours of the day and night.


The radiology devices of this center are of advanced and high accuracy type that offers all radiology services.


Despite the advanced ultrasound devices in this center, it is possible to perform all ultrasound services such as soft tissue ultrasound, breast, vaginal and rectal ultrasound, determining gestational age and fetal status, color Doppler ultrasound, etc. at all hours of the day and night. .


This unit uses advanced and modern Philips device to provide mammography services by appointment.



Iranmehr Hospital Laboratory with the most advanced and accurate laboratory equipment performs all laboratory services including blood tests, hormones, pathology, biochemistry, hematology, microbiology and many other specialized tests in the shortest possible time with appropriate accuracy. The laboratory is ready to receive outpatients 24 hours a day with a test order or for a check-up.

Department of Chemotherapy
This unit with a capacity of four beds is ready to provide chemotherapy services to all patients in the presence of oncologists. In this unit, having experienced nurses, complete training during chemotherapy related to disease, drugs and side effects and proper nutrition is provided.


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